Saturday, March 12, 2011

Orange mood.

Today Istanbul showed its friendly face and sent some sunrays. This made it much more enjoyable to walk to the "100% Ekolojik Pazar" (Organic Food Market) and it also allowed me to sit on our balcony and have a tea in the sun. Just in a t-shirt! The day before yesterday it was snowing. Crazy, but that's for sure: I won't complain :)

(the mosaics are the fascade of a house in my street, all images taken by me with my phone cam)


Renaade! said...

Hach beneidenswert - im T-Shirt draussen sitzen...

.. aber bald kommt der Frühling hier ja auch vielleicht herangerauscht!

Danke für die schönen Bilder!

Einen lieben Gruß sendet Dir
die Renaade

Jay Strut said...

interestingly artistic!
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Saskia said...

I want this nail-polish!