Saturday, March 19, 2011


I am not exactly positive about featuring H&M again...
but I have to write about their Fashion Against AIDS collection because I had on my mind and loooved the idea of a unisex collection for a very long time already.
A sportive collection like this one is probably the easiest try for unisex, but anyways. A unisex collection seems more than boyfriend look and more than just a fashion experiment to me. Somehow it is about gender equality, without abolishing distinctions. It puts the indivisual (haha, thanks typing error) person and style in focus, not girly or boyish. And to promote safer sex is definitely something adressed at all sexes. Use a condom!

And even though this collection is not sustainable in an ecological way you will do good with your money, as 25% of the sales go to HIV/Aids projects around the world. The collection is available in H&M’s Divided department from 26th April.

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