Wednesday, February 13, 2013


very easy to do. simple cut, loose fit, nifty outcome. perfect project.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


>> According to a quick (and aggravating) Google search, female sexuality has been likened to numerous things, including a slow combustion stove, a labyrinth, pre-iPhone mobile phones, fire (which takes no less than three elements to ignite), tropical weather, the flight control panel of a 747 airliner, and, most charmingly, the difficult act of holding a beach ball under water.

Here’s a thought: Maybe understanding female desire isn’t a matter of the subject’s complexity, but its counterpart’s competence. Just saying. <<

that's what sugarhigh said, announcing the exhibition:  
MALE NUDES - FEMALE DESIRES at Galerie Tanja Wagner, Berlin
which I visited yesterday. 

I'm sharing with you images of artist Lina Sheynius. Because I found her work was stunningly natural and direct and incredibly sexy. Representing an authentic 'female gaze' & sexualizing her (ex)boyfriends body in one of the most sensual+explicit ways I could imagine.

The other featured artists Jen Davis, Nina Hoffmann and Paula Winkler are reflecting different aspects of female sexuality with a less immediately intimate but more intellectual approach, touching the issues of male body ideals, self-staging, 'online-lust' and others. Absolutely worth visiting.

images from Lina Sheynius series 'Gerard'