Monday, March 07, 2011

Colour explosion.

I'm back in Istanbul and back with some fashion! I put together my first collection on polyvore and named it CE - colour explosion:
The block colour trend is huge for spring/summer 2011. Especially the combination of orange and pink found a lot of attention in magazines and blogs. Beside the bright and intensive colours, the pieces are held rather simple and straight and clean cut. This makes them perfect to survive more than one season. >> That is already sustainable. But for the CE collection I only chose pieces that have more aspects of sustainability - they are made from recycled materials, from organic cotton or from vegan leather or ...

Ecofashion does not have to be pale! Colour with conscience.

I will use polyvore more often in the future and you can go there anytime you want and check out all the stuff I "clipped" (kind of imported or marked in(to) the polyvore library) from all those many eco-fashion-shops I sort through every once in a while. On one hand some of the pieces will of course represent my personal wishlist but on the other hand I will try to represent a good overview about all the fascettes eco-fashion provides.

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