Monday, February 28, 2011

Do it, c'mon, do it.

In view of the current situation in Libya (the green on the right is the flag of Libya) and after a sleepless night about what happens in the world everywhere - I come to you with a demand: Raise your voice!

"Avaaz - meaning "voice" in several European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages - has a simple democratic mission: organize citizens of all nations to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want."

As I am sure that you also wish the world to be a better place:
I ask you to join this community.

It sometimes opens your eyes for things going on you wouldn't have guessed (e.g. "corrective rape"), other times it just gives you an easy way to let your voice/opinion on current issues make a difference (e.g. to support the people and the democratic movement in Egypt or against the crackdown of WikiLeaks). You are always free to choose wich campaigns to support and wether you just want to complain and let people in power know about it or if you even want to support (ad-/media-)campaigns (e.g. against stonings) financially. Of course there is also the possibility to suggest campaigns and actions to this huge community.

Sign up with your e-mail adress in the upper right corner of the avaaz-website. Let's start with a first step. And be stunned how many people ALL over the world want the same and can make the whole greater than the sum of its parts!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Light, lighter, the lightest.

I silk and silk-likefabrics. The simplest cut is soo elegant in a silky version... silk can be everything, sporty, chic, comfy, bright, light. And I can not imagine anything softer on my skin.
Also I have an incredible crush on pink. Wich I don't understand, as I am not a pinky girl, but it always grabs my attention, I can't help it. And I can admit: A bright strong pink on a boyish cut overall or a minimalistic, pure dress, never combined with anything else but black... that IS something I'd really love to have.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Comfy cool.

The below pieces found on good true beautiful are just some on my wishlist... The new semestre in İstanbul started and this would be the perfect comfy stuff for all the upcoming days I'll spend at my desk.

Frankie Tee by Katherine E. Hamnett and Farrah Jogging Pants by Marc O'Polo via gtb

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Needle sharing.

Selling the stuff you don't wear anymore at the fleamarket or giving it to friends is a good possibility to recycle your clothes. 
DIY Trashion is the way to have stylish pieces after getting rid of the old stuff. Yay!

Many blogs provide tutorials how to give clothes a beauty surgery. Here are some examplary examples:

For these fashionable wedges you need not much more than: old wedges or platforms you never wear, scrap fabric, scissors, needle and thread, metallic pushpins and around two hours of time. Find the complete how-to-do-it on Ren Ariel Sano's lovely blog "SEMI" (she also has more great DIY's, even for furniture).

On "Outsapop Trashion" you can learn that - and how - even old knitted sweaters with opean seams, holes or stains can metamorphose and be a pleasure to wear again. There you also find a detailed tutorial for the upgraded jeans-jacket by the "Fatalwho" below.

Wikipedia says (edited quote): Trashion (from "trash" and "fashion", obviously) is a philosophy and an ethic encompassing environmentalism and innovation. Making traditional objects out of recycled materials can be trashion, as can making avant-garde fashion from cast-offs or junk. It springs from a desire to make the best use of limited resources. Trashion is similar to upcycling and refashion and can also be applied on furniture and interiors. Trashion generates items that are valued again.

Mostly you only need scissors, needle and thread to refurnish your wardrobe. Cut off the arms, add some buttons or paint or bleach*. Easypeasy. Often there are even step by step video tutorials available. Like this one:

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stilles Leben.

One more picture from the creepy but fascinating abandoned house on Uludag Mountain.

Matt & Nat & Hendrix

wallet "YYZ" by Matt by Matt & Nat and ikat handbag "Hendrix" by Matt & Nat

The new Hendrix ikat-version is definitely what I will give myself for completing my B.A.-thesis. In may, hopefully. Still some time to go... but like the best motivation ever, hehe.

Matt & Nat is perfect when it comes to sustainable bags, wallets, belts and stuff like that and you don't just want to buy another vintage bag. ... hey, no offense, I love vintage bags and hoard them myself ;)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This morning we got up early and hurried to get the ferryboat to Bursa. A joyful daytrip with unexpected finds. Did we initially just plan to stroll through a nice ancient city (to be honest - we had no plan at all) we ended up taking a cable car ride to the top of Uludağ Mountain. And hanging out in a ski-resort. We found that turkisch popmusic in a ski-hut feels quite weird.
Within the following walk through the snowy forests I not only found my mood boosted by fresh air and clear sun (Istanbul is not providing such things) but also the motifs for the still life (?) above in and behind an abandoned house. Everything there was vanitas'ish. The racked and ruined house, the rotting meat in the melting snow... wich was less disgusting than kind of surreal.

Brief note: Vanitas refers to the judeo-christian concept of meaninglessness and transience of all earthly. Vanitas still life paintings, wich were especially popular in the baroque era, were symbolizing the human mortality through - often superficially beautyful things - (decaying) flowers, (rotting) fruit as well as hour glasses, skulls and bones and so on.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


My favourite pieces from the Summer 2011 collection by Ada Zanditon. The collection "Pyramora" was inspired by Corals and Pyramids. The slightly metallic orange is a wonderful colour - I think. Light and bright for summertime but "heavy" enough to be still elegant. The geometric triangles and pyramids are well combined with the warm and sandy colours (there also appears a deep cooling blue in the collection) and soft wild organic "growing" of the drapery. Simply beautiful. I will definitely take this as an Inspiration for something, haha, either DIY or some drawing/painting. Of course I will be sharing the result with you!

Coral and Pyramid Pictures are taken from here, here, here and here
Fashion images from Ada Zanditon Website:

Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh wie rührend.

If I dream of my future kitchen I dream of the smell of freshly grinded coffee, a lot of froth on my cappuccino, fresh icy cold fruit-smoothie... ! R2B2 was made to fullfill my dreams and at the same time look incredibly good AND be ecofriendly!

This is ecological design at its best. German designer Christoph Thetard invented and shaped this kitchen aid with the robot name that runs completely without electricity.

What remains to wish for: That R2B2 will not stay a final year project-prototype, but that it will go into production.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

by Frost, Robert.

Dust of Snow:

The way a crow/ Shook down on me/ The dust of snow/ From a hemlock tree/ Has given my heart/ A change of mood/ And saved some part/ Of a day I had rued.

images: by me, my phone-cam and iPhoto. taken in Istanbul, somewhen in january

Friday, February 11, 2011

John Patrick Organic

view complete resort 2011 collection
view complete ready-to-wear spring 2011 (above) and fall 2011 collection (below)

I think "Batik-bleached"-Jeans never looked as good as in that Jumpsuit - and woohaaa! - I just love, love, love the yellow coat!

all images from taken from

Monday, February 07, 2011

Fashion mit oder ohne Victim.

The following quote (unfortunately in german) is taken from the readworthy article "Das Welthemd" by Wolfgang Uchatius about the simple white 4,95 € H&M-shirt (published in DIE ZEIT). It does not only trace the way of the t-shirt from the cottonfield to the shop, but it also shows very clearly, that it is our responsibility to change our clothes backround and impact on the earth and people! 
"Der Reichtum der reichsten Männer der Welt ist klein, verglichen mit dem Besitz all derer, die jeden Tag durch die Fußgängerzonen und Shoppingcenter von Los Angeles, London oder Dubai laufen.

Knapp 1,5 Milliarden Menschen, 20 Prozent der Weltbevölkerung, verfügen über genug Geld, um sich Kleider von H&M anzuziehen. Soziologen nennen sie: die globale Konsumentenklasse. Geschätztes Vermögen: 185 Billionen Dollar.

(...) Sie sind es, die anfangen könnten, Fragen zu stellen.(...)
Die globale Konsumentenklasse fragt nicht. Sie kauft."
There are several ways to do good with our money (>> Karmakonsum), to spend it "right". So called "Carrotmobs" are one possibility that "puts the flash-mob phenomenon to high minded use". The concept of the carrotmob definitely makes our impact more obvious, seeable and reportable. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't also care when we buy on our own, independently. Keep conscious about the difference we make everyday.

The article above refers to products by H&M. One, maybe even the one, well knowned and most loved fashion brand in the world. The article points out how much influence the huge brands have on how things are produced. And the quote tells us, that WE have all the influence on these brands. All their considerations are about how to make us buy. So - here is something worth considering:

H&M just brought a sustainable style line into shops. Actually you can't even call it line, it is more "some pieces". Now: Shall we buy them to support the attempt into the right direction? And by this maybe make H&M aware of the demand for ecological products and the benefits that are in it for them? Or is it wrong and contraproductive to spend money an a brand that is not producing ecologically because they believe in it, but because they want to "greenwash" or because it is just another segment that attracts new customers (and maybe hopes for "extra-buys")? They don't say anything about the transport and production of the product - is it "clean" and ethical/fair? Is it just the material that is ecological? What about the coulouring?

Well, I can't answer these questions.
Most probably it's not a reason to congratulate H&M. But it is in fact a very low-threshold opportunity for everyone to buy eco-fashion. It also tells us that sometimes we can contribute to a change by just checking on the label whether the piece is from the "sustainable line" or not.

It's made easy to buy better.
+ some of the pieces actually look quite good :)
(except for the flaptrousers: they're just too much reproducing the anti-chic image of ecofashion!)

pieces from the H&M "sustainable style" line

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Friday, February 04, 2011


"Maplow" von Terra Plana
 Schöne Schuhe (und Kleider und Hosen und Shirts und...) 

GOOD: fair und ökologisch.
TRUE: hochwertig, haltbar & funktionell.
BEAUTIFUL: chic, außergewöhnlich & cool.

fye's (for your earth) "Malva"
GTB ist nicht nur ein sehr schöner Eco-Fashion-Onlineshop, momentan gibt es auch fette Rabatte. Und wenn das Lieblingsteil doch nicht reduziert ist - anmelden für den Newsletter und 20 € Einkaufsgutschein sichern!!

"Rita" und "Marilyn" (grau oder rosa) von Terra Plana

Fotos von der gtb-Webseite, teils von mir bearbeitet/ arrangiert.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Philematology oder ein Kuss macht kein Loch.

Andy Warhols "the Kiss", 1963

  • Anthropologists report that 90 percent of the people in the world kiss. 
  • The orbicularis oris is the muscle running around the outside of your mouth that allows for the basic kiss. It changes the shape of your mouth while you talk, and it puckers your lips when you kiss.
  • Bonobo apes kiss one another frequently. They kiss to reduce tension after disputes, to reassure one another, to develop social bonds and sometimes for no clear reason at all.
  • About two-thirds of people tip their heads to the right while kissing. Scientists believe this preference starts before we're born, when we tip our heads to the right in the womb. 

find out more about kissing here, here or here
The facts above are taken from the kiss-quiz you find on the last link (and partially edited)
"Ein Kuss macht kein Loch" ist ein venezianische Sprichwort, sagt Wikiquote