Tuesday, February 15, 2011


My favourite pieces from the Summer 2011 collection by Ada Zanditon. The collection "Pyramora" was inspired by Corals and Pyramids. The slightly metallic orange is a wonderful colour - I think. Light and bright for summertime but "heavy" enough to be still elegant. The geometric triangles and pyramids are well combined with the warm and sandy colours (there also appears a deep cooling blue in the collection) and soft wild organic "growing" of the drapery. Simply beautiful. I will definitely take this as an Inspiration for something, haha, either DIY or some drawing/painting. Of course I will be sharing the result with you!

Coral and Pyramid Pictures are taken from here, here, here and here
Fashion images from Ada Zanditon Website: http://www.adaz.co.uk/

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KERRY said...

Love this collection! And I look forward to seeing the results of your inspiration! Thanks for you lovely comment on my blog too. :)