Sunday, February 20, 2011

Needle sharing.

Selling the stuff you don't wear anymore at the fleamarket or giving it to friends is a good possibility to recycle your clothes. 
DIY Trashion is the way to have stylish pieces after getting rid of the old stuff. Yay!

Many blogs provide tutorials how to give clothes a beauty surgery. Here are some examplary examples:

For these fashionable wedges you need not much more than: old wedges or platforms you never wear, scrap fabric, scissors, needle and thread, metallic pushpins and around two hours of time. Find the complete how-to-do-it on Ren Ariel Sano's lovely blog "SEMI" (she also has more great DIY's, even for furniture).

On "Outsapop Trashion" you can learn that - and how - even old knitted sweaters with opean seams, holes or stains can metamorphose and be a pleasure to wear again. There you also find a detailed tutorial for the upgraded jeans-jacket by the "Fatalwho" below.

Wikipedia says (edited quote): Trashion (from "trash" and "fashion", obviously) is a philosophy and an ethic encompassing environmentalism and innovation. Making traditional objects out of recycled materials can be trashion, as can making avant-garde fashion from cast-offs or junk. It springs from a desire to make the best use of limited resources. Trashion is similar to upcycling and refashion and can also be applied on furniture and interiors. Trashion generates items that are valued again.

Mostly you only need scissors, needle and thread to refurnish your wardrobe. Cut off the arms, add some buttons or paint or bleach*. Easypeasy. Often there are even step by step video tutorials available. Like this one:

But if you dont think you can't do it by YOURSELF - your trusted tailor will help for sure. (Actually I am a big fan of tailors! They can do everything: Tighten, shorten, transform. Especially useful for vintage-finds that dont quite fit perfectly + I usually was surprised how fair priced it is!)

For the pieces below, you definitely don't need a tailor. You just need to paint your walls or have them painted ;) and get dirty. On "P.S. - I made this" you also find a good way to generate ideas for DIYs and Trashion - mini inspiration collages.

* Always remember to use as ecological products as possible (i.e. non-toxic, organic, vintage) to not harm more than you do good!

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