Wednesday, November 14, 2012


images by Leah Yerpe via thisisnthappiness

It's not that I never returned from sweden, I just fell into fall and all the new stuff it held for me. New home, new studies, old leafs.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

Let me hug you.

"Bhalo is a fair trade design label that aims to create desirable fashion whilst empowering disadvantaged people, especially women, allowing them to work their way out of poverty.
Our cotton is hand loomed and hand embroidered by women in rural Bangladesh, not only giving them much needed employment and training, but providing them with simple things that we take for granted - education/childcare for their children, basic healthcare, and most of all, dignity. We oppose human exploitation and feel everyone should be given the right to fair employment terms, and given a decent price for their work. Wouldn't you expect the same?"
I do like Bhalo.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

organik origami muffins.

this huge, dreamy, airy, coral-like 
installation at the local district gallery 
is named  "Madeleine and the fire", 
made from gradually burned 
muffin tins, by artist Eliana Heredia.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Je vous ouvrir le crane, ma chère amie.

Mansfield TYA - "sur le plafond" from charlie mars on Vimeo

Il n'y a pas d'étoiles // Sur Le Plafond // Si je m'allonge au sol // Je me noie, dans le son
Les yeux de ma promise // Sont des cimetières // Des cadavres en chemise // Courent dans ses artères
Les yeux de ma promise // Des cadavres en chemise

Il n'y a pas d'étoiles // Sur Le Plafond // Si je m'allonge au sol // Je me noie, dans le son
Votre tête est un tombeau // Une cage à soucis // Puis-je vous ouvrir le crane ma chère amie
Votre tête est un tombeau // Puis-je vous ouvrir le crane

Il n'y a pas d'étoiles // Sur Le Plafond // Si je m'allonge au sol // Je me noie, dans le son
Je vis dans un couloir // Qui n'a pas de tête // Les murs sont des armoires en allumettes
Je vis dans un couloir // Les murs sont des armoires

Il n'y a pas d'étoiles // Sur Le Plafond // Si je m'allonge au sol // Je me noie, dans le son
Il n'y a pas d'étoiles // Sur Le Plafond // Si je m'allonge au sol // Je me voie, que des cons

Friday, July 13, 2012


Look at all these fabulous women.
Then rethink (as if you ever really thought about it, did you?) shaving your pits. I mean: Have you even once seen your underarm hair grown out, as god gave it to you? Or are you one of those who started shaving when the first hair appeared at the teen age?

Every girl (and boy) should be free to wear her/his hair as s/he wants it - boldly bushy, sleekly trimmed, shaved and polished. Everyone should deliberately and unaffectedly decide how s/he likes it best. 

Isn't it weird that this free choice has a touch of rebellion to it when you only think it?

If you need to intellectually meditate on this issue, try the following articles:

The first, about a 10 week body hair rebellion experiment, may make you want to try hairy pits even less. It documents and reflects the hostile feedback you may get as well as the norms you quarrel with. From personal experience I can confirm the survey results. But I can also happily report that at some point it magically stops and just a little later, someone who was very sceptical will come up to you and - in the best case - will tell you that he actually really loves your underarm rebellion (ehm, and he might want to lick it too, haha).

The second article is more general, about Stigma and Women's Bodies, such as body fluids, aging etc.

If you need more visual inspiration try the hairy pits club or the swedish movement Ta Håret Tillbaka!

or check out the famous underarm hair of Frida Kahlo, Elizabeth Jagger and Joan as a Policewoman:

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chemistry worldview.

I have to learn a huge load of chemistry these days, which includes learning about the structure and reactions of salt. The daily table-salt 'NaCl' is one that appears rather often in my life, as it also does in the books. I know by now, how the atoms/ions connect to each other, that they form a specific, regular cristall-structure and how they dissolve in a polar solvent like water. I like learning this stuff. Signe Emma's images even give it an aesthetic value, a beautiful touch. 
Thank you for that.
(you should really check her site, as the story to these images gives them another dimension more. and she has other funky stuff to offer too!)

Monday, June 18, 2012

My little farm.

I started growing my own vegetables on 20 square metres. And I want more!
It is a beautiful experience to see your food grow, to get a feeling for the time and care it takes and for uncomparable freshness when nibbling the radish directly from your garden...
It is also surprisingly easy to produce your own 'best veggies in the world'. Therefore I will definitely work more and more land in the future. And these two videos are encouraging me to follow my hippie-dreams of being a part-time farmer! (as does my dear friend Saskia, by recommending me these videos.)

Friday, June 01, 2012

Little things add up.

"Shall I just park the car?" 
"What? Why? I drove all the way here, why shouldn't I park the car?" 
I'm not a bad driver. I'm just a girl.

>> Microaggressions are the subtle ways in which body and verbal language convey oppressive ideology about power or privilege against marginalized identities (race, gender, age, class, sexuality, body, ability...).

Often, they are never meant to hurt – acts done with little conscious awareness of their meanings and effects. Instead, their slow accumulation during a childhood and over a lifetime is in part what defines a marginalized experience, making explanation and communication with someone who does not share this identity particularly difficult. Social others are microaggressed hourly, daily, weekly, monthly. These comments create and enforce uncomfortable, violent and unsafe realities onto peoples’ workplace, home, school, childhood/adolescence/adulthood, and public transportation/space environments. <<

definition via the microagressions project

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I fucking love my kaleidoscope!

Lights shine into my face, --- kaleidoscope colors turn into your face
you're not here, into my haze --- kaleidoscope colors turn into your face
Und plötzlich alles lilablau --- Tiefenrausch
Dem Fiebertraum wieder gegenüberschau'n - zielgenau
Stroboskope: Blitze zeichnen alles kilometerweit-nah, dichter Nebel greifbar, 
Keine Furcht, alleine durch die Lichterkegel-Streitmacht
Hinten und vorn sich scheinbar gemeinsam im Finden verlor'n
Erblinde sofort, treib' im Gesichtermeer
Ertrink an dem Ort --- Und plötzlich alles lilablau

Lights shine into my face, --- kaleidoscope colors turn into your face
you're not here, into my haze --- kaleidoscope colors turn into your face

Von lilablau zu monochrom im Stroboskop --- Von ungewohnt bis unter Strom umgepolt
Sekundenschnelle Bilder flackern, dass sich jede Grenze verschiebt, unendliches Tief
Zu zweit allein in bittersüßen Epilepsien
Weg von dem Beat, nur los von dem Treiben reißen
Schweißgebadet entlang endloser Gänge, Menschengedränge, Hektische Enge
Mit den Händen an den Wänden vorbei --- Und plötzlich alles lilablau
Lights shine into my face, --- kaleidoscope colors turn into your face
you're not here, into my haze --- kaleidoscope colors turn into your face
images by me, my smart smart phone and my wonderful kaleidoscope, lyrics from CASPER: lilablau

Monday, May 28, 2012

Barter it.

send in your old leather jacket (or whatever) :::
get back a georgeous clutch (or handbag or tote or ...)

well - or transform at home! DIY hooray!

finest upcycling by Remade USA/ Shannon South

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Behaviour Guide
(In order to avoid mere survival)
Intends for younger generations

1. Although apperance shows quite the reverse, the natural trend of the system is to turn you into a slave. Your mission is to remain erect, and never crawl.

2. When learning, you must know how to make the clear distinction between what is ideology and what is genuine knowledge.

3. Be fully aware of the difference there is between making a compromise and compromising yourself.

4. Whatever happens, Heartbreak hotel is sure to be your dwelling place for one or several stays. This is no reason to overindulge in the pangs of love for too long.

5. Learn how to make simple and excellent meals.

6. Fear no gods, whatever appearence they may have.

7. For girls: all boys are more or less the same. For boys: all girls are different.

8. Keep well away from competitive sport that will only cause wounds that will make you suffer when you are over forty.

9. There is no such thing as good and evil. There is what is right and what is bad, what is consistent and what is wrong.

Jean Touitou

Wednesday, April 04, 2012


My dad always told us kids, that when he and my mom first dated, they had a walk on the seaside and met >>us<< - in form of 4 wonderful little fireflies.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

from the woods with love.

Dimitri Tsykalov is a Russian sculptor who has an atelier among the woods in Nogent-sur-Marne outside of Paris. He sculpts with wood and earth in an approach which he describes as "contrary to the brutality of modern images."

via kilometerzero via thisisnthappiness

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whistle in the elevator!

HAPPY: (...) The trouble with you in business was you never tried to please people. 

BIFF: I know, I -

HAPPY: Like when you worked for Harrison's. Bob Harrison said you were tops, and then you go and do some damn fool things like whistling whole songs in the elevator like a comedian. 

BIFF (against Happy): So what? I like to whistle sometimes.

HAPPY: You don't raise a guy to a responsible job who whistles in the elevator!

BIFF: I don’t care what they think! They’ve laughed at Dad for years,and you know why? Because we don’t belong in this nuthouse of a city! We should be mixing cement on some open plain or — or carpenters. A carpenter is allowed to whistle!

(Willy walks in (...))
WILLY: Even your grandfather was better than a carpenter. (Pause. They watch him.) You never grew up. Bernard does not whistle in the elevator,  I assure you. 

BIFF (as though to laugh Willy out of it): Yeah, but you do, Pop. 

WILLY: I never in my life whistled in an elevator! And who in the businessworld thinks I'm crazy?

from Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, 1949.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

windows framed.

The windows of the Istanbul Modern (Museum) seemed to me like pictures hung to the wall themselves. From outside they were mirrors, that's why you can see me in the last pic. The images perfectly transport the dusty, sunny view on Istanbul and the Bosphorus that I am missing at the moment...

Sunday, February 05, 2012

diamond teardrops.

as amazingly chic the cube-/teardrop-/quartz-/tetra-/dodecahedron-terrariums (above) are, as expensive are they... now then I'll stick to the humble version of presenting my mini-cacti (as below).

Thursday, February 02, 2012

delights eyes & uterus

what can I say... I find Ryan Gosling to be smoking hot and I find not being a feminist ridiculous. equates: of course I was enthused when I found

please check out Danielle's blog as well, as she's the mastermind behind it.

Monday, January 02, 2012


I am the proud owner 'foster mom' of a sewing machine. That dear little thing's real family just couldn't take care of three of them, so I am very happy to house it. These are my first steps into sewerhood. And this will be one of my first projects:

 via inspiring + the tutorial is to find here.
 sewing machine motif from here.