Friday, July 13, 2012


Look at all these fabulous women.
Then rethink (as if you ever really thought about it, did you?) shaving your pits. I mean: Have you even once seen your underarm hair grown out, as god gave it to you? Or are you one of those who started shaving when the first hair appeared at the teen age?

Every girl (and boy) should be free to wear her/his hair as s/he wants it - boldly bushy, sleekly trimmed, shaved and polished. Everyone should deliberately and unaffectedly decide how s/he likes it best. 

Isn't it weird that this free choice has a touch of rebellion to it when you only think it?

If you need to intellectually meditate on this issue, try the following articles:

The first, about a 10 week body hair rebellion experiment, may make you want to try hairy pits even less. It documents and reflects the hostile feedback you may get as well as the norms you quarrel with. From personal experience I can confirm the survey results. But I can also happily report that at some point it magically stops and just a little later, someone who was very sceptical will come up to you and - in the best case - will tell you that he actually really loves your underarm rebellion (ehm, and he might want to lick it too, haha).

The second article is more general, about Stigma and Women's Bodies, such as body fluids, aging etc.

If you need more visual inspiration try the hairy pits club or the swedish movement Ta Håret Tillbaka!

or check out the famous underarm hair of Frida Kahlo, Elizabeth Jagger and Joan as a Policewoman:

Photos: (1) Madonna, (2) Ryan, (3) xy by Richard Kern, (4) Emma Andersson via hairypitsclub, (5) xy via hairypitsclub, (6) Joan as a Policewoman, (7) Bircan Özden, (8) Frida Kahlo, (9) Elizabeth Jagger

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