Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Architect Le Van Bo from Berlin designed furniture you cannot buy, but build. His intention was to create classic, high quality furniture using ecologically recommendable materials - for low money, so that even people living on Hartz IV (german welfare) could afford it. It's not only the cheap chic, but especially the DIY aspect that is important to Le Van Bo:
"I was depending on welfare benefits for many years myself. With my Hartz IV furniture series I want to encourage people to - literally - take their lives in their own hands and really build the things themselves. Because like this you develop such a sense of achievement that afterwards, so do I belive, you will be able to master other things as well." (quoted and translated from here)

Above: The Kreuzberg 36 chair (Kreuzberg = quarter of Berlin, 36 = price in Euro for the material) is my favourite. If I just needed chairs...
Below: The 24 Euro chair. As well in the series: the SiWo-sofa (SiWo for single apartement), the piscator table and the Berlin stool.

The construction plans fit on one page each and are available for free via email, for the request just send your motivation, location and where you heard about the project. And afterwards images of your built furniture (optional). 

(images are excerpts from the catalogue to the exhibition "Perspectives on in/ outside" and taken from here)

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