Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yesterday Skin.

"potential but not-so-perfect vintage findings. from all over the world.
forgotten outfits and accessories, restyled and reconstructed"
--- The Yesterday Skin

We all love vintage, dont we? The Yesterday Skin is definitely highly inspiring. I'm always asthonished how incredible good stuff, that would never look that way just wearing them in daily life, can look in photos... (check out what else you find on the homepage, I chose the moderate stuff, haha)
On the other hand it is always an invitation to be more creative and daring in our wardrobe.

And even if they offer free shipping worldwide - I prefer physical/tactile second-hand-shopping with all its frustration (of course the best pieces aren't my size), its moments of bliss (this incredible unique valuable piece seems to be made for me and is so fucking cheap you wouldn't believe) and even the 'dead granny pong' (sorry for being politically incorrect, I love my grandma too and she doesn't smell at all).

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