Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sitting on the dancefloor.

The chair above by Michael Ferguson is made from recycled floorboards from flats in Berlin. Even though the surface seems to tell stories of thousands of feet dancing on them it is totally smooth, due to a lot offhand grinding and beeswax.

How much I would love to have one like it on my own few squarmetres of Berlin floor (I'm moving to Berlin in september!)...

The eco-quota in furnishing and decorating my future home will probably only involve raiding my parents and grandparents cellars & attics and a lot of fleamarket strolls - even though I found some more amazing green design and furniture via green living.

To see it for yourself:

lamp "The Queen" from corroded steel by ieva kalēja
+ minimalistic chairs "ghost" by MINT

open-pored, breathing furniture by Zeitraum Möbel

poppy colourful but still natural kitchen furniture by MINT

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