Saturday, June 04, 2011

Cowgirls (& Boys).

These incredibly good looking shoes are kiboots - handmade and with no childlabour, sweatshops or chemicals involved in the production + the brand supports (very) small sustainable projects. I love the combination of leather and the bootlegs made from kilims. And I love handmade stuff. Every pair is unique and I am couching for the one pair that blows my mind and will therefore be mine!

What I also find remarkable is the following statement:
"Kiboots is always fashion first. We believe it's common sense and decency to produce with respect for mother nature and for the good of the people we work with."

As long as "fashion first" doesn't mean to loose sight of the sustainability aspect I find this the ultimate 'leitmotif' for (eco-)fashion! Sustainability goes without saying, is not only a competitive advantage. And it doesn't mean to make us look all the same eco'ish. (even though of course these boots are in line with the perfect natural Hippie-Style, haha, as also is their cool Lookbook - which is not some models in superartifical but oh-so-aesthetic poses, but every Kiboot-Owner that submits his/her photo with his/her unique pair!)

(image taken from kiboots' website)

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JOHANNA said...

thanks for the comment today, Jana. I checked out the kiboots-website, and I love it!! Soo cool boots and concept!