Wednesday, June 29, 2011

slow wood.

wood is wonderful.
I think it is a great material and it gives furniture a special, timeless worth and of course - warmth. Or as Christien Starkenburg from Slowwood says: "Wood keeps you connected with nature and the feeling for a simpler, slower life in this hurly burly world."

The Slowwood tables have extra value: they are hand made, eco-friendly and fantastic good looking. I adore the combination of the fine but raw natural elegance of wood and design and the bright, deep colours they use. It's just the right balance.

"Mineral pigments such as oxide, yellow ochre and earth black create unique matt colours. In fact some colours are the first earth paints used by mankind! Some colours take 1 week to dry! The slow aspect…"

noticed via design attractor

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Michelle said...

I love the "schreibtisch"!.