Saturday, October 01, 2011

Woah! Is this reale?

Yes it is Reale, a fashionbrand from Milano. 
And I am reale'ly (haha, what a pun!) inspired by how they combine feminine + sporty with a laxly, slightly vintage'y look, because usually the combination of chic and sporty makes me feel uneasy, I imagine it to be clean, cool, virtuous and a bit inhibited. In short: this combination makes me think of expensive & exclusive fitness-centers (like the one my dad goes to, haha).

As far as google-translator helps me with their website, I understand Reale to be a "soft-eco"-brand, which is how I would call it. They are not certfied producing "green", but they are seewing in Italy (no starvation wages - hopefully; and supporting local artisans), choosing high-quality materials (also experimenting with bamboo fiber and seaweed for example), avoiding offcuts... and casually making extremely cool stuff. 

"The brand guidelines are based on three fundamental points: 
a controlled real 'Made in Italy', 
the concept of "Slow Fashion"*, 
the use of materials and ideas that contribute to environmental protection."

this is what google translated me from their website - so no guarantee ;)

* I guess I will make my WIS (What Is Sustainable?) #2 about the concept of "Slow Fashion".

For a preview of the upcoming collection:

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