Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Homestory approach.

These images do not (yet) have much to do with our home - it is still a chaos we're trying to fight. But I promise some insight soon.

The image above I found on "Old Chum" (about wich I blogged here before) which is one of my absolute favourite blogs. It is not an interior-design blog, the most inspiring stuff I find there is kind of abstract, in the sense of not directly applicable for my flat. The succulent above is, and as soon as I can turn my focus to things like plants I will definitely start a small succulent-garden. Until then there are for example the floors that need all our attention. We emptied the kitchen yesterday (and chased out the mouse that apparently lived behind the counters), ripped off the ugly PVC-flooring, scrubbed the floor (smelled like mouse-pee) and then sanded the old lack-finish so that today the new finish can follow. It will not be moss like in the pic below it will be fresh shiny white lack.

The image above is also via Old Chum, it is a print by Andrew Moore. It was taken in Detroit, where the most charming derelict buildings of the world seem to be (search google images: 'detroit derelict').
Below: the M3 chair by Thomas Feichtner. Which is a new object of crazy desire :) I found it via Love the triangle, the blog of my dear friend Josephine.

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