Monday, September 12, 2011



The designer and owner of ANSOHO, Anna Sophie Howoldt, lives where I live (Berlin) and comes from where I come from (Lübeck, north of germany, at the baltic coast) and like me studied i.a. arthistory and philosophy. But Firstly she studied fashion design. And eventhough it was never thaught during her studies (as it still is not in most of the fashion design schools) she decided to run her label consciously ecofriendly. She started ANSOHO already in 2006, which makes her a pioneer in the ecofahion section, and says that the sustainable aspect came naturally, not as sales promotion. Her first collection was made from recycled shirts, today she's more a luxus brand. One with a sytle I admire. Check out her collections, especially in the older ones are some inspirations for DIY's.

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