Thursday, August 11, 2011


well, it's really a cake for sunny days - and today I heard that the seasons are renamed as: spring, shit, autumn, winter - but I wanted to share this beautiful cake with you since I saw it but not before I tried to make and eat it myself. I finally did and I can only say: I was so proud (no, I don't see a problem with a 'feminist' proud about her cakes...) and it was gi-ga-great and dazzling-delicious, yay. I found the original Stella-Cake (inspired by Stella McCartney's citrus-prints) by appolinas via todayyouinspiredme, I changed the recipie to a more european version (half the amount of butter of the original american version, cream-cheese instead, less sugar, more fruit). I will also soon add my version of the recipie to this post, with all european measures and so on.


Lou said...

What a fantastic piece of art (cake) - absolutely beautiful! Wouldn't mind a taste as well :)

Michelle said...

OMG - you baked THE cake! I have the caked "bookmarked" on my foodies bookmark toolbar, and have just waited for the occasion to bake it. (and the time, 'cause it looks like quite a project).

JOHANNA said...

oooh, I absolutely looove this cake, it's gorgeous!!!
I have to get your version of the recipe and try it. Maybe for my birthday in a week ;)
If you have it written down, I'd be soo happy and thankful if you could email it to me??


Anonymous said...

Beautiful cake!