Monday, July 18, 2011

old chum.

via their blog Old Chum, through wich I could scroll for hours and hours I discovered the Old Faithful Shop that "stocks quality goods for simple, everyday living. We are drawn to products that are well-made, classic in design and when possible hand-crafted by a human being. We feel that the best products are the ones that age well and stand the test of time - items that will exist long after we do not."

This principle has an ecological aspect in itself (no, not plastic or nuclear waste that "will exist longer after we do not", but valuable, because practical and beautiful stuff, that can be used over generations).

And I fell in love with these two things: the Totem Cups are my absolute favourite available through their online shop and the bird house I found on the blog, don't know if it was ever available via the shop - if I had a garden to hang it I would hunt it down through all the web immediately.

The blog is really worth a "read" (well, it's more a view), you'll find a lot of 'ethnic' images, nostalgic stuff, wise (yes, really) sayings, uncommon interior design, nature. Just as I like it, as you probably noticed by now.

words by Anthony Carter, from his book "Abundant Rivers"


JOHANNA said...

Hej Jana.
Thank you sooo much for your sweet comment today, and ofcourse your blog-tip!

I'll definately check it out!

xo Johanna

PROVINS said...

Nice birdcage!!